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PAK GULF TRADING FZE. A Trading Division of “Butt Group” which is dealing in the UAE and all other Middle East countries including South Asian Markets (PAKISTAN/INDIA) is in Timber.

PAK GULF TRADING FZE. Caters to the fast-consuming construction and Furniture industries respectively.

Soft Wood (Fir,Spruce/Pine/EWP) Origin: Russia/Ukraine/ Bosnia/Canada/USA

Hard Wood (ASH/RED OAK) Origin: Canada/USA

Wood, we are importing from the European & American continent and been supplying to traders and manufacturers of packing materials, furniture & Construction companies to many organizations to their entire satisfaction.

Uses: Light construction furniture, interior joinery, kitchen cabinets, doors, paneling, moldings, edge-glued panels, turning and carving.



We have our own cutting facility in Ukraine/Russia where we cut white wood (spruce) and Red wood (Pine)

Sawn timber.

Soft wood is most commonly used in Construction and packaging industry. It used for shuttering, Making pallets, Packaging, etc.

Our timber is Clean edged – Squares, No Wanes, Treated with Anti Blue Stain or KD


It is widely used in various fields of construction and finishing.

It can be used for interior and exterior cladding of buildings to create a formwork enclosures, temporary buildings and so on.

We can cut any size according to customer requirement.


We also have our partner from

US & Canada we import lumber and logs of different species like ASH, Red Oak, EWP, SYP in Logs and sawn timber in different width and thickness according to customer requirement.


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